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The first documented car crash in the United States occurred when a motor vehicle collided with a cyclist. This took place in New York City in 1896. Historically, accidents involving cyclist on average account for two percent of all accidents. Unfortunately, these accidents often harm children and young adults.

In any accident involving a child it may be wrong to assume that your child was at fault for leaving the sidewalk or driveway, or for not staying within the bike path. Bicyclists of all ages have rights. An attorney needs to evaluate the facts of your case because state law may hold the driver accountable.

Drivers of motor vehicles need to share the road with bicyclists, as well as people on rollerblades or skateboards. Accidents occur when drivers attempt to pass, when they fail to yield at intersections, when they turn and fail to notice you, when they open their car door, when they attempt to pull out of a parking space, and in many other scenarios.

Aside from driver error, bikers and cyclists also can be injured because of unsafe road conditions such as from deteriorated roadways. Also, a cyclist may lose control of the bike because of a hidden manufacturing defect or because their bike was repaired in a negligent manner.

The Swain Law Firm will investigate your accident to identify all responsible parties. Because these accidents can cause head and other disabling injuries, we may retain experts to reconstruct the accident to illustrate how the driver was at fault, physicians to prove your disability, and economists and vocational experts to establish your economic injuries.

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