Fire and Burns-- Defective Appliances and Smoke Detectors

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Defective products cause accidental fires, burns and electrical injuries. In cases of fire, a defective smoke alarm system can make things even worse. A small, smoldering fire can produce enough smoke to trigger an alarm, but only if the detector is functioning, and only if the detector was installed in the proper location. Depending on the size of your property, its design, and the location of the fire, a timely alert from a smoke alarm can provide you and your family with minutes of available escape time. Severe injuries can result in situations where the alarm fails to sound or where the alarm sounded too late, making a safe escape impossible.

In commercial settings, blocked or locked fire exits, electrical wiring violations, sprinkler system defects, and other fire code violations can also contribute to injuries and losses. Improper grounding or wiring can cause severe electrical injuries or death by electrocution.

The Swain Law Firm will investigate fire losses and burn injuries with a team of experts to determine the cause and origin of the fire, whether any defective product caused harm, whether any smoke detector failed, or whether any part of the fire or security system caused needless delay. If you or youra family member suffered from burn injuries, we will also work with your physicians, surgeons, and wound care specialists to obtain reports, photos, and videos of your treatment sessions to help illustrate your pain, suffering and disfigurement.

If notified of the incident quickly, we will send our experts to your home or business to photograph and videotape the remains of the fire scene. Where indicated, we will collect the smoke detectors, the central panel box, if any, and any other piece of evidence remaining to determine the existence of any claim and to identify any responsible party. We will evaluate, and if practical, retain the defective products that caused the fire or caused someone to suffer from burns.

We have experience and a successful record in handling claims involving defective products, code violations, contractors who disregard specifications or design drawings, or by taking some other shortcut that caused or contributed to the fire or the injuries resulting from the fire.

We are well acquainted with the codes and standards published by The National Fire Protection Association, including their fire regulations and their electrical codes published as the National Electrical Code as well as the codes and standards collectively referred to as the BOCA National Building Codes. Additional standards published by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) will also be consulted as well as the codes, laws and regulations adopted in your county or township that may differ from the national codes.

An experienced trial lawyer will know how to establish liability. We hold negligent property owners, property managers, manufacturers, fire and security system professionals, and other persons and businesses financially liable. A lawyer experienced in fire and burn injury cases can make the difference in your case. We have a network of experts and the sophistication necessary to handle these claims the right way from the beginning of the case until its resolution.

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