Fire & Burn Injuries

Heaters • Boilers • Space Heaters • Vent Free Heaters • Gas Heaters • Gas Fireplaces • Electric Heaters • Smoke Detectors • Heat Detectors • Fire Alarms • Electrical Appliances • Electrical Wiring • Electrocution • Shock

Not every personal injury lawyer has handled fire or burn cases. To properly represent a burn victim, your attorney should be experienced in handling negligence and strict liability claims and well versed in the causes, treatment of wounds, and limitations of cosmetic and plastic surgery. To properly represent a victim of an electrical injury, your attorney needs to understand the unique nature of electrical injuries and how victims can suffer cardiac and neurological injuries from exposure to current. Finally, in cases where a client's family member has died from a combination of smoke inhalation and fire, your attorney should have experience in developing expert testimony to illustrate how your loved one suffered conscious pain before rendered unconscious from the toxic by-products of fire.

All of these cases present different and complex issues. The Swain Law Firm has developed a network of experts and our own comprehensive knowledge base to represent you and your family in all of these situations.

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