Head and Brain Injuries

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Head trauma can cause an injury to the brain resulting in permanent disability. Brain injuries can result from both mild and severe head trauma, as well as from strokes and other cerebral events. Recovery can be slow, and will often require intensive and costly therapy. Litigation may ensure that you or your loved one has the financial resources to pay for long-term care. In addition to filing a suit against responsible defendants, we will also oversee your disability claim with your private disability insurance company, as well as state or federal agencies when such benefits are available.

Following an auto accident, a brain injury may present itself only as a mild concussion in the Emergency Department. After discharge you may find it difficult to remember new information or think through issues. You may find your speech is slowed as you search for words. All of these signs suggest that you may have suffered an injury to your brain. Early intervention and treatment is important. If your insurance company delays, or denies treatment, we will intervene to compel the insurance company to pay for neurologists, audiologists, speech and cognitive therapists.

The Swain Law Firm has represented clients who have developed short and long term memory impairment, headache disorders, learning disabilities, seizure disorders, and other complications following traumatic accidents and medical mistakes.

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