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We investigate and litigate claims involving physicians, nurses, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and other health care providers. We represent family members pursuing wrongful death and survival claims as well as individuals who seek compensation as a result of their own injuries.

Medical malpractice claims typically involve allegations that a health care provider was negligent, causing a patient's death or injuries. If a patient has been harmed from an undisclosed risk of the surgery, and a patient would not have elected to have the operation if he knew of the risk, informed consent claims are filed. A surgeon fails to obtain the patient's consent by either omitting information about the risks of a particular surgery, by failing to discuss alternatives to the surgery, or by performing a different operation than what had been planned, i.e. operating on your left shoulder when the surgery had only been planned for the right shoulder-this is referred to as wrong sided surgery.

A hospital or nursing home can be held directly liable as a result of their policies, improper supervision or credentialing, equipment failure, and for other conduct causing patient harm. Hospital claims may involve errors in their emergency department, a resident's mistake, a nursing error, or laboratory error. A hospital may also be liable for a physician's negligence if the doctor is an employee or agent of the hospital. Nursing homes can be held liable for patient falls, malnutrition, and for the development of avoidable decubitus ulcers, also known as pressure or bed sores.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey treat claims involving negligence and informed consent cases differently. It is important to retain a law firm experienced and successful in handling malpractice claims.

The Swain Law Firm has the practical experience, a history of success, and the resources to ensure that you and your family will be properly represented.

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