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Your Pennsylvania and New Jersey Car Accident Lawyer

The Swain Law Firm represents injured people or their estates following a Pennsylvania or New Jersey motor vehicle accident. We handle claims arising from single and multi-vehicle accidents, driver and passenger injuries, truck accidents, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, and train accidents, as well as injuries arising from drinking and driving.

In the typical motor vehicle claim a plaintiff claims that he or she became injured as a result of the defendant's negligent operation of an automobile. These claims may appear to be straight forward. In fact, each accident requires an experienced attorney to evaluate a host of factors.

Although not intended to be an exhaustive list, the following issues are usually considered by a competent attorney: first party benefits coverage, PIP or personal injury protection coverage, third party liability coverage, the application of the Assigned Claims Plan, governmental immunity, subrogation issues, the application of the verbal threshold or full tort coverage, policy exclusions, waiver issues, stacking of insurance benefits, UM or UIM coverage limits, insurance bad faith, the statute of limitations and jurisdictional issues.

The Swain Law Firm has the experience to represent you and your family following any type of motor vehicle accident. We have successfully handled cases involving private and commercial vehicles, rear end collisions, intersection collisions, pedestrian accidents, and numerous other scenarios.

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