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Wrongful Death and Survival Claims

When a family member dies as a result of the negligent conduct of a person or business entity, an action for wrongful death can be filed on behalf of the decedent's family members and a survival claim can be filed on behalf of the decedent to collect compensation for his personal pain and suffering and other economic losses that occurred from the date of the incident until the time of death.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey have their own statutes for these claims, and the recovery permitted under each statute is different.

Wrongful death and survival claims can be filed in any personal injury action where a death occurred. For example, if your mother died in a nursing home, if your son died in a motorcycle accident, or if your husband died due to delay in diagnosing his cancer, a wrongful death and survival claim can be filed by you as a personal representative of the estate, or by someone who is appointed to serve as the Administrator of the Estate.

The Swain Law Firm has the experience to resolve complex wrongful death and survival claims. We will explore each family member's relationship with the decedent, and when indicated, we will retain experts to establish the economic losses sustained by the family members in order to maximize the recovery for estate and for the beneficiaries.

When a wrongful death claim is resolved we will petition the Court to approve the distribution to ensure that the beneficiaries receive a fair share of the settlement or award.

Permanent Disability Claims

We represent clients who have become partially or fully disabled as a result of an accident or other misconduct. We have experience in representing clients who have suffered severe back or neck injuries, vision loss due to trauma or infection, brain injury, RSD, CRPS, or other chronic neurological injuries, as well as numerous other disabling conditions. In addition to working adults who become disabled, claims can be filed on behalf of children who in the future will suffer a loss of income because of their disabilities, or on behalf of adults who took time off from working to raise children, but who can no longer return to the workforce as they had planned because of their disabilities.

The Swain Law Firm will not only file suit to hold liable parties financially accountable, but we will also assist you with your applications for any private or government disability benefits that are available, and provide guidance to assist you and your family restructure your lives to accommodate your disability.

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