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Trucks and other large, commercial vehicles can cause serious injuries. While the driver may be at fault for speeding, tailgating, or for changing lanes without due care, the corporate owners may also be liable for employing unqualified drivers, for delivery schedules that violate laws governing driver hours, and for negligently maintaining, loading or repairing the tractor trailer.

Although speeding is a real problem, particularly given the braking distances needed to slow down and stop a loaded big rig, driver sleepiness, fatigue and inattention are additional factors that cause a significant number of accidents and fatalities.

The Swain Law Firm will investigate the crash scene, obtain federal and state records regarding the vehicle, the driver and the company that owned and serviced the truck, and consult, where necessary, experts to reconstruct the accident, to inspect the vehicle and its components, and to demonstrate how the accident caused your disabling injuries.

We are well acquainted with trucking regulations that will be used as a basis to establish the fault of all responsible parties. We know the right questions to ask and we understand the importance of retaining qualified experts to assist us in our investigation.

Shifting cargo, worn out tires or braking systems, can all be ascertained from a thorough inspection and from driver and witness interviews. Alcohol use, illegal drug use, over-the-counter and prescription drug use, driver fatigue, exhaustion, or illness, may be the cause or a contributing factor to the accident. Where a death or serious injury occurs it is important to dispatch independent experts to inspect the accident site and to inspect the truck involved before repairs are undertaken. Valuable evidence can be lost or altered after a truck is towed or driven away from the accident scene.

Where indicated, we will take all necessary steps to ensure that the truck, the truck's Event Data Recorder (EDR) and/or its Engine Control Module (ECM) and the data contained in the memory of these devices are preserved until our inspection. The truck's data recorder may provide the vehicle's speed, the engine's speed, braking data, and other critical information that can help establish the driver's fault.

The Swain Law Firm has been involved in investigating and litigating accidents involving trucks and other commercial vehicles. We have deposed vehicle engineers, vehicle safety engineers, drivers, and their employers. The Swain Law Firm is experienced and can assist you and your family obtain compensation.

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