Construction Accidents

OSHA Violations • Falls • Trench Collapse • Scaffolding Collapse • Roof or Flooring Collapse • Shoring Collapse • Cave In • Harness Failure • Electrocution • Crane Accidents • Lift Accidents • Backhoe Accidents • Excavation Accidents • Fire and Explosion • Equipment Failure • Equipment Rollover • Crush Injuries • Falling Debris, Materials or Equipment • Struck by Crane, Machinery or Vehicles

Your Pennsylvania and New Jersey Construction Accident Lawyer

The Swain Law Firm represents workers who have been injured at construction and work sites in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  With some exceptions, the Worker’s Compensation Act does not bar lawsuits against other contractors, subcontractors, architects or engineers.  The Act does not bar lawsuits against product manufacturers, distributors, or those who sell or lease equipment that is defective or improperly maintained. 

Fatal work-related accidents often occur in jobs involving construction and transportation.  The Swain Law Firm can help your family after a tragic accident piece together the facts by uncovering what really happened and by holding those who are truly liable financially accountable.

We are on your side.  We will not accept that the accident was the fault of your spouse or loved one.  A detailed investigation can uncover that others are more to blame, or created the very hazard that caused the fatal or catastrophic accident. 

For example, falls remain a significant cause of death at construction sites.  You may have been told that your husband was not wearing a harness.  Though true, you may not have known that the general contractors failed to inspect the safety netting or provide a fall protection system of any kind.  Unprotected elevator shafts, open stairwells, and other openings can all lead to severe injury or death.  OSHA compliant netting and fall protection railings may have been overlooked or haphazardly installed by others who were rushed or too inexperienced to do the job in accordance with industry standards.  An experienced and dedicated lawyer can uncover the complete truth.

The Swain Law Firm has litigated claims against contractors, subcontractors, architects, as well as product manufacturers and dealers.  We can help you and your family.

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